Create Your Own Passion Action Plan

Radha Patel is our National Director for The Passion Test UK. Play the video and let Radha explain the benefits of ‘The Passion Action Plan.’

For just $7 you get

5 Video Training lessons

  • LESSON #1: The Passion Test Formula – Intention, Attention, No Tension
  • LESSON #2: Creating Your Passion List
  • LESSON #3: Taking The Passion Test – Discovering Your Top 5 Passions
  • LESSON #4: Scoring Your Passions
  • LESSON #5: Your Action Plan – Creating an easy-to-follow action plan

And a 15 page Workbook with exercises to guide you through each of the 5 lessons in this powerful mini-course

Take the mini-course at your own pace and when you’re done you’ll have your top 5 passions, the secret that guarantees a passionate life and the steps you need to take to start living you passionate life . . . NOW!