When I was young, I used to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night and dance underneath the street lights. I would pretend I was a great actress and all the world was my stage. I would beg my parents to let me go to acting school, and at 8 years old my dream was finally coming true. My father came to me and said, “Janet, your mother and I have decided you can now go to school at Pasadena Playhouse” (a school for aspiring actors and actresses).

I looked my dad and asked, “how old is Shirley Temple dad?” “I think she’s 7” he said. “Why?” he asked, looking puzzled. “Because I’m 8 dad, I’m too old, it’s too late, I’m older than Shirley Temple.” “Oh, ok” my dad said, walking away scratching his head. And in that fateful moment, my dream to be an Academy Award winning actress died. For many years until late into my thirties I floated from one unspectacular job to another. Never allowing myself to stop and actually listen to what my heart was trying to tell me. Which was simply, “Janet, do what you love!”

It wasn’t until I met my first mentor when my whole life took a totally different turn to the path of passion.

Are you anything like me? I dreamed of making a difference and of being in front of thousands of people since I was a little girl. But I put it off and put it off until one day . .

Until that fateful moment when I finally allowed myself to follow my passions, and everything shifted.

Now, my new passion is wanting to train rock stars just like you!

Jack Canfield & Patty Aubery

“I’ve seen Janet Attwood speak all over the world and in every country, she has people in the palm of her hand. Each year she comes up with new talks and programs that mesmerize and engage people, helping them overcome limiting beliefs and fears to realize themselves as successful, loving, compassionate and happy people. She’s one of the master teachers on the planet today!”

Jack Canfield & Patty AuberyJack is the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Success Principles. Patty is President of Chicken Soup for the Soul.
  • Is your passion to be an international transformational leader but you just don’t know how to get started?

  • Have you been praying to somehow find a way you can make a global impact as a prominent speaker around the world but haven’t a clue where to begin?

  • Do you dream of making an income helping others realize their gifts and their passions, but you don’t know the first step to take in realizing that dream?

  • Would you like to monetize your passions spending your days doing what you love, and making a massive difference in the world?

Have you ever felt isolated, frustrated– or like you’re on a hamster wheel going round in circles– not living your passion, not moving forward, doing the same old same old and getting the same unfulfilling results?

Have you ever had a desire to be part of a conscious community of like-minded souls who share a passion for inspiring transformation through love all over the world?

Would you love to be able to travel to exotic locations and be making money doing what you love?

If so, you can now join our growing team of international trainers who are excited and passionate about transforming their own lives as they help others transform theirs.

If you answered Yes to All or Most of these Questions You May Be Ready for Janet’s International Passion Rock Star Master Trainers Program

This is Janet’s brand new baby….. And because she is so passionate about your success, she is personally overseeing every aspect of this program. Here’s what you should know about Janet Bray Attwood.

A few highlights of Janet’s achievements:

Janet has a successful professional background as the previous Director of the Marketing Division at Books are Fun, the third largest book buyer in the U.S., which sold to Readers Digest during her tenure for 360 million dollars. As a top marketing expert, she was later invited by Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen to partner with them in their Enlightened Millionaire Program.

Janet’s company, Enlightened Alliances, was responsible for arranging 70% of the interviews for the movie The Secret.

Janet has taken hundreds of thousands of people through The Passion Test process all over the world. Janet is the founder of The Passion Test Certification Program which has over 2500 Certified Facilitators in over 56 countries. Janet is also the founder of The Passion Test for Business, The Passion Test for Kids & Teens, and the Enlightened Bestseller Program which teaches people how to be New York Times bestselling authors.

One of Janet’s passions has been working with homeless women in transition, and youth in detention centers. Janet received The President’s Volunteer Service Award from the President of the United States, the highest award for recognition of volunteer service in the U.S.

Janet is a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC), a group of world-class trainers, authors, coaches and speakers whose 150+ members serve over 10 million people in the self-development world. It was as a result of taking The Passion Test with Janet that Jack Canfield recognized his passion to be part of a spiritual leaders’ network and out of that, TLC was created.

Janet has also been on the advisory council for Brendon Burchard, the Expert Industry Association, and S.A.N.G. Speakers Authors Networking Group.

Janet is a facilitator of “The Work of Byron Katie” and served as Marketing Director for Byron Katie International.

Janet is currently on the advisory board for The Center for Management in Mumbai, India, which promotes international business qualifications. Janet is the creator of a DVD series, Dialogues with the Masters, condensed from over 350 hours of live interviews she did with Masters and Saints in India and Nepal.

Years ago, Janet committed to becoming the “Passion Test’s Global Rock Star” —and now, she is. But guess what? Passions change. And, after many years inspiring millions of people all over the world, Janet is ready to pass the baton and live her new passion:

“Creating Passion Rock stars all over the world”

Here is what our Passion Rock Stars have in common:

  • Have a burning desire to make a difference

  • Have a talent for speaking and presenting

  • Have an open, giving heart

  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit

  • Are willing and able to be coached

  • Love connecting with people

  • Able to afford the financial commitment without hardship

How the Passion Rock Star Program Works:

Right out of the gate, revving up your passion into full gear, when you sign up for Janet’s magnificent Master Trainer program, you’ll receive:

3 months of personal 1 on 1 coaching with one of Janet’s highly experienced Master Trainers who will:

  • Sign you up to participate in a Passion Test Certification Program either online or live.

  • Personally take you through The Passion Test process along with a powerful process of self-inquiry (The Work of Byron Katie) that dissolves your limiting beliefs.

  • Guide you through portions of our Master Trainer manual so you can get a head start and immediately begin learning how to deliver the Passion Test Certification Program training course.

  • Put you into a Passion Rock Star Mastermind group with other participants of the Master Trainer Program so together you can easily practice all of the material in your Master Trainer manual.

  • Walk you through The Passion Test Customer Hub area to familiarize you with all of the incredible content at your disposal for creating your own successful campaigns and services.

  • Provide you training through Zoom video web technology to set up your very own Passion Test workshops and 1-on-1 training sessions.

  • Help get you started as soon as you sign up with our “Jumpstart program” that gets you ready to jump in and make money right away as a Master Trainer in Training using all of our abundant Passion Test resources.

You’ll be Jumping on board for one of Janet’s 9 Day Master Trainer Program Retreats

The Retreat of All Retreats!

This 9 day transformational live event with Janet is designed to educate, empower, enrich, and transform every aspect of your life. Janet likes to say, “The Passion Test isn’t just a process, it’s a lifestyle change!!”

While experiencing your own amazing breakthroughs, you’ll be part of supporting others completely immersed in learning more about and fully living their passion for transforming the world. Be prepared for your heart to explode in love as you go deeper into the knowledge and experience of being what Janet calls, “the teacher living the teaching.”

With a handful of other Master trainer candidates from around the world, experience Janet’s 9 Day LIVE MASTER TRAINER program retreat that consistently gets rave reviews. Your Master Trainer retreat will take place in one of Janet’s favorite exotic locations around the world– a beautiful, serene, natural setting where the weather and the food is great!

Some of the past and scheduled locations for Master Trainer are Koi Samui in Thailand, Lago Maggiore in Italy, the majestic countryside of Devon in Great Britain, and Fairfield, Iowa in the US, (home to over 2000 meditators from around the world and subject of an Oprah special).

Janet is a total “foodie” so she makes sure that each meal is prepared with the finest ingredients, including fresh organic food and lots of love. Because Janet pays attention to every visual and sensory detail the location of the Master Trainer course is always beautiful, comfortable, and surrounded by nature. As her past Master Trainers have said repeatedly, “It doesn’t get any better than this!”

During this magical time you’ll be introduced via Skype to many of Janet’s friends who are top transformational leaders from around the world who will be guest speakers during your 9-day retreat. They’ll share their vast knowledge on how to start your business, speaker training, social media training, creating enlightened teams, spiritual awakening, and more…

And, Janet will personally help you perfect your signature talk in a speaker training session.

During these 9 days, Janet will guide you through the many processes that she has personally designed to help you truly know who you are at the deepest level. She’ll introduce you to exercises that are fun, exciting and life changing. As a team you’ll practice delivering the content of The Passion Test Certification Program while becoming an expert in living your most passionate life. Every single aspect of this program is designed so that while you learn you feel more love and support than you’ve ever felt in your entire life!

After Janet’s 9-day program, your sense of your most powerful and authentic self will become so profound and grounded, you’ll become powerfully magnetic as you effortlessly manifest what it is you really came to do and create. You’ll see how to live your life in “flow,” while delivering your gifts and talents to the fullest.

Plus: Janet’s Special Bonus Just For You!

As a bonus, you’ll also learn all of Janet’s secrets to creating what she calls, “Enlightened Alliances.” These secrets have allowed Chris Attwood and Janet to create alliances with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Abraham, T. Harv Eker, Robert G. Allen, Stephen M.R. Covey, John Assaraf, Bill Harris, John Gray, Rabbi Yehuda Berg, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Barbara DeAngelis, Byron Katie, Marci Shimoff, Claire Zammit and many others at the top of their fields.

So, to make sure that you become an expert in creating powerful relationships that will support you in building your Master Trainer Practice, Janet is including her and Chris Attwood’s super popular “Alliance Secret’s program”- 12 amazing power packed audio CD’s on how to build alliances with business partners. Here’s what Rhonda Byrne, the creator of The Secret had to say about Janet & Chris’s Alliance Secret’s Program:

Rhonda Byrne
“I enrolled in Chris and Janet Attwood’s Alliance Secrets program when I was in pre-production for The Secret. I had determined that I would use The Secret to make The Secret…that’s to say I would attract all of the greatest minds to help me bring this overwhelming vision to the screen and to the world. And as all these wonderful people began to emerge, Alliance Secrets came to the fore, allowing me to create deep, rewarding, and mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with each and every one of them, that continue to this day.”
Rhonda ByrneCreator/Executive Producer “THE SECRET”

Katie Chalcraft

Radha Patel

Snjezana Kuresevic

Are You Ready to Grow in your own Self Love and become the Teacher Living the Teaching?

Are you ready for a life changing experience that will enable you to share your gifts with the world?

Are you ready to Compound Your Success by 50 or 100 Times?

If so… Sign up below

If you’d like the chance to discuss becoming a Passion Test Rockstar directly with Janet, please click on the link below to fill a form.

Then Janet or one of her Master Trainers will be in touch with you.

The course fee is $15,500, which you can pay in 1 payment or 3 payments – additional payment options can be discussed with a Master Trainer of The Passion Test Programs.


  • January 7 - 15, 2020 - Koh Samui, Thailand (in Chinese)

Dr. John Gray

“Over the years I’ve known Janet Attwood I’ve seen so many people benefit from her programs and classes. She teaches people how to experience more passion, more drive, more motivation, more happiness, and more empowerment, particularly for women. I highly recommend her programs!”Testimonial about Janet Bray Attwood.

Dr. John Gray Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus