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Listen to what people say about Janet Bray Attwood

Janet is celebrated all over the world. Here is what some of the world’s top transformational leaders say about her.

Jack Canfield & Patty Aubery

“I’ve seen Janet Attwood speak all over the world and in every country, she has people in the palm of her hand. Each year she comes up with new talks and programs that mesmerize and engage people, helping them overcome limiting beliefs and fears to realize themselves as successful, loving, compassionate and happy people. She’s one of the master teachers on the planet today!”

Jack Canfield & Patty AuberyJack is the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Success Principles. Patty is President of Chicken Soup for the Soul.
Ken Honda

“Janet is one of the most engaging and mesmerizing speakers I’ve ever witnessed. Watching her captivate an audience is one of a kind experience. She is so dynamic- she can get the audience roaring with laughter and she can bring them to tears with her impassioned talks. She brings such remarkable energy to the room, and her love for people always leaves a profound impact.”

Ken HondaJapan’s best-selling author of self-development books, selling more than 7 million books since 2001.
Dr. John Gray

“Over the years I’ve known Janet Attwood I’ve seen so many people benefit from her programs and classes. She teaches people how to experience more passion, more drive, more motivation, more happiness, and more empowerment, particularly for women. I highly recommend her programs!”Testimonial about Janet Bray Attwood.

Dr. John Gray Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
Rhonda Byrne

“The Passion Test made an amazing difference in my life. After completing it I was so clear on what I really wanted in my life. Since doing The Passion Test, I now live the life of my dreams.”

Rhonda ByrneExecutive Producer “The Secret”
JJ Virgin

“I had the amazing good fortune to have Janet Attwood take the Mind Share Master Mind group through the Passion Test process. I knew what these successful doctors, health experts, and entrepreneurs, though already living their passions, really wanted—Clarity! And with Janet’s help, that’s what they got! I witnessed the transformation for these people taking their next step toward creating the life, career, and impact they’d always wanted.

Yes, the Passion Test helps people find their purpose– but more than that– it helps them to get super clarity, such a gift!”

JJ VirginNew York Times best-selling author and founder of Mind Share Summit
T. Harv Eker

“The Passion Test provides the simplest, clearest way to get started on knowing what you want – by getting clear on who you are.”

T. Harv Eker#1 NY Times best-selling author, Secrets of The Millionaire Mind
Debra Poneman

“…I’ve worked with Janet for decades and know she is truly a masterful teacher. She doesn’t just stand on a stage and talk at people, she brings them along with her Passion Test process to help them discover what they are really on this earth to do. And now she’s teaching the Mastery of Self-Love course helping people heal from the inside out, overcome their “inner critic,” and undo limiting beliefs. Janet is really here right now on the planet to teach people self-love, to come from a place of inner silence so they can live a life full of joy.”

Debra PonemanFounder of Yes to Success Seminars
Reverend Michael Beckwith

“I’ve shared the stage with Janet a number of times, and every time, she’s soulful, inspiring and rocks the room! “

Reverend Michael BeckwithFounder, Agape Spiritual Center and Star of the movie and book, “The Secret”
Dawa Tarchin Phillips

“…If you’re a leader, people are looking to you for orientation and inspiration, so whatever you can do to become clear in your mind why you are really here and how you can best serve that purpose, the greater inspiration you will provide those you lead. Janet’s programs help leaders do just that, so check them out!”

Dawa Tarchin PhillipsCEO Awakened Leadership and Mindfulness in Business and Education
Marci Shimoff

“The Passion Test certification course was extraordinary. I’ve taken (and delivered) many seminars and training programs over last 25 years, and this was at the top. The Passion Test is a simple, yet profound process for supporting people in living their dreams. Janet’s energy, clarity and enthusiasm are infectious. I highly recommend the certification program to anyone who is committed to living their own passions and to helping others discover theirs.”

Marci Shimoff#1 NY Times bestselling Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul, Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul, Transformational Teacher featured in The Secret
Roland Tokko

“My work is to inspire and educate people to take charge of their lives by bringing some of the most powerful transformational speakers to my country. My friend Janet Attwood was one of them and her work on self-love is so critically important.

My team had done a survey in which we asked people what habits were holding them back. We learned that self-doubt, not believing in oneself, staying in one’s comfort zone and procrastination were all linked to self-love. This was the biggest barrier to people getting out of their comfort zone to do what they really want to do. Helping people put themselves first in this way, before they help others, makes all the difference.

That’s where Janet’s Mastery of Self-Love Certification Program is so valuable. I encourage everyone to just jump in!”

Roland TokkoEstonia’s Biggest Promoter and Director Of Business Development at Business Freedom Academy
Richard Paul Evans

“The Passion Test astounds us with the possibility that life can be fun, challenging, rewarding and purposeful, all at the same time. Chris and Janet Attwood will take you on an adventure into your own heart, and show you how to wake up the passions which are the fuel for living the life you were meant to live.”

Richard Paul Evans#1 NY Times Bestselling author of The Christmas Box
Dr. Peter H. Diamandis

“I fundamentally believe that knowing one’s passions is the single most critical factor for success. It is the number one thing I tell to CEOs, entrepreneurs, and kids. The Passion Test is something I need to share with everybody I know.”

Dr. Peter H. DiamandisFounder and Executive Chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation
Ellen Rogin

“Janet is a skilled and engaging speaker. She’s a master storyteller and brings her audiences along every step of the way with her very interactive speaking style. I can listen to her all day – in fact, I have!”

Ellen RoginNY Times Best Selling author of Picture Your Prosperity