Monetize Your Passions

Help Others and Earn an Income, as You Become Crystal Clear About the New Life You are Choosing to Create!

When you teach others, you accelerate YOUR growth

Chris and I have trained more than 1,800 Certified Passion Test Facilitators in more than 50 countries.

Becoming a Certified Passion Test Facilitator is an incredible opportunity to create a sustainable and scalable business and change your life while reinforcing YOUR passions every single day. It’s the best of both worlds! With our certification program you can become the boss you always wanted, make a difference in the world around you, and earn a terrific income doing it!

As a Certified Passion Test Facilitator all you need to do is take consistent action and follow the specific strategies we will teach you to begin achieving the financial and career success you’ve always dreamed of. But even more than that, you can proudly give yourself the gift of happiness, joy, and gratitude when you begin making money simply by being 100% Authentic!

Janet Bray Attwood
Janet Bray Attwood